Heating units rental.

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Rent our heating units to heat your events, commercial spaces or industrial places. Get a custom solution adapted to your needs, delivered by domain professionals wherever you need it.


Portable heating units for rent.

Designed to heat a space such as a construction site, garage, warehouse, office or other location that is likely to be affected by lower temperatures in the winter, Location CVAC offers mobile heating rentals with fast delivery service. We would be pleased to advise you on the safest and most appropriate heating equipment to use, adhering to health and safety policies for almost instantaneous hot air supply. The specialists of Location CVAC can define the best solution to your needs thanks to a wide range of heaters and provides the best service.
  • 5-90 Watts Mobile Units
If you are unsure of your choice, our experts are available by appointment to conduct an assessment directly on your site and offer you the most appropriate heating rental.

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© 2020 Location CVAC, Inc.